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A Meeting of Strangers

A day has passed since the blizzard forced you and your fellow adventurers to take refuge inside Snowdew Inn, high in the mountains of Elda Island. You appreciated the chance to get warm, but now the storm has passed. You're eager to reach the tower and discover what secrets the Ancients, the Voek, have left behind.

The doors of the inn slam open. A man stumbles in, mustache and clothes caked with snow. He looks frozen through to his bones, like he's been wandering outside for hours. You guide him to the fireplace, where Richalt introduces himself and tells you he's a Healer studying rare mountain flora.

" I was exploring when the tower appeared out of nowhere," he says. "My sprite companion rushed toward the doors. They're locked, but I can't get her to leave. I don't know what to do."

One of the Guardians, Haden, is already strapping on her gauntlets. "We're headed for the tower. If you can show us the way, maybe we can help you figure out what's bothering your sprite."

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What is Classcraft?

Classcraft is a new, game based approach to teaching. It is designed to encourage participation, good behavior, and 21st-century skills like collaboration which increase your child’s engagement with their lessons. In class, your child creates a character and works to complete quests such to help develop certain academic skills. 

They’re able to earn and use special “powers” to support their own academic learning. They get some other cool perks too, such as armor and pets to customize their character for their hard work. Boss battles allow for an interactive and engaging quiz to test your child’s knowledge with the “danger” of not knowing the answer which results in the boss attacking them instead! This serves as a final test for what they have been practicing.


By using the quest based system, your child can progress at their own pace with the self-progress mode outside of class. This allows for increased learning that falls outside of teaching hours, allowing them to improve steadily on their own and to address areas in which they need to improve. 

Classcraft can be thought of as a “gamified curriculum” where key learning concepts have been turned into an adventure that you need to unlock after each quest. Homework and class material is often created as a quest in order to ensure as much fun and engagement as possible!




Narrative Format

Wallace English uses Classcraft as a way to present English lessons in a narrative form that promotes and rewards consistent progress. By logging in every day, students can earn rewards and bonuses. This is a great way to encourage consistent study habits.

Goal Setting

Reward Tracks are popular in modern day games. These allow students to set goals and to feel accomplished when they achieve them. Whether it is a new outfit, a brand new skill or pet, these rewards inspire, motivate and entertain.


Increased Focus

Students remain focused and engaged throughout our English class. With the task associated with each quest being different from the next, students do not feel that the material and exercises are dull and repetitive.


Quest-Based Curriculum

Classcraft allows students to access material through "QUESTS". This narrative approach is a engaging way to deliver a curriculum through step by step processes. The level-appropriate material is laid out allowing students to move at their own pace. Google Classroom and Google Forms are integrated into this system allowing aspects of their LMS, or Learning Management System to be taken advantage of for the purpose of tracking data and progress.

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