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W E L C O M E   T O   W A L L A C E   E N G L I S H  

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 Taipei Fuhsing Private School (臺北市私立復興實驗高級中學)

Taipei American School (臺北美國學校)

Tonghui Bilingual Primary School (童暉雙語小學)

Zhuhai Experimental Middle School (珠海市實驗中學)

Taipei Jianguo High School (臺北市立建國高級中學)

Taipei European School (臺北歐洲學校)

Department of  Education - Liaoning Province (遼寧省教育部)

Yuanta Financial Security Services (元大證券股份)

Taipei Metro (臺北捷運)

TSMC (臺灣積體電路製造股份有限公司)

Trend Micro (趨勢科技)

First Commercial Bank (第一銀行)

Mercedes-Benz (中華賓士)

SOGO (太平洋百貨)

INTEL (英特爾股份有限公司)

Avnet (安富利電子元件)

Cathay United Bank (國泰世華銀行)

JCPenney (杰西潘尼)

Chinatrust Commercial Bank (中國信託商業銀行)

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My name is Scott Wallace and I would like to thank you for taking the time to view this website.

I have a degree in Applied Linguistics, and over 20 years of experience teaching in various locations throughout Asia where I have provided comprehensive English training to CEOs and staff of multinational corporations and companies.

began tutoring privately to provide detailed lessons to support my students so that they can master their chosen areas of study.


Having taught students from TAS (Taipei American School) and TES (Taipei European School) since 2013, I have an extensive understanding of the curriculum and standards needed to be met by my students who attend these bilingual institutions.


In addition to these schools, I teach students from Taipei Fushing Private School and Taipei Jianguo High School. The level of English fluency needed from these schools differ from those of bilingual schools. I help these students employ new methods of English language learning in order to help them move away from their current learning methodologies, and to make them confident  and capable language learners.

It is my goal to identify and provide each client with the best structure possible to achieve their target goals within their chosen time frame. 

Should you have any questions regarding my teaching methodologies, please feel free to explore the site and send me a message if require additional information. 

I look forward to working with you with the knowledge that Wallace English is able to provide you with the services and experience needed to address all of your English learning needs. 

- Benjamin Franklin -

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

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"8年級的姐姐及7年級的弟弟已經跟Scott上了三年多,我們最欣賞的是他對孩子的認真態度,仔細度,以及具有娛樂性的系統性教學。 他的教材及方式都在一直更新,搭配國外的學習工具網站,讓上課不會枯燥無趣,並且都有紀錄,讓孩子可隨時上網複習,也讓家長更容易了解學習的進度。"
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O U R   M I S S I O N


At Wallace English we are committed to ensuring your growth and success by providing you with the tools you need to be successful and confident in the areas of English, history and academic writing. By delivering structured and science-backed lessons, Wallace English gives you confidence that every skill is being taught effectively.

Our objective is mastery. Many school language arts programs are one-size-fits-all. They combine reading, writing, grammar, language, and oral language skills into one program. In addition, they try to teach English Language Learning, to high functioning, middle functioning, and low functioning students all at once. There is simply too much to monitor with these large scale programs and this leads to knowledge gaps and weak foundations in which your education is built upon. 


Wallace English is focused on repairing that structural damage caused by traditional one-size-fits-all education by using specialized management, teaching and review methodologies.

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D R I V I N G    I N N O V A T I O N

A lot of students have many gaps accumulated in their collective learning from years of having a one-size fits all learning perspective. These accumulated gaps lead to an eventual disengagement - a lack of interest, motivation and above all, a lack of confidence in their learning abilities and being able to “get it”.

If we examine other activities in our lives, playing musical instruments, learning a martial art or even building a house - we need to have a solid foundation before building upon it. In a traditional classroom; you have a typical structure of lecture, homework, lecture, homework, lecture, and then you have an exam. 

In that exam, you may get 70 percent, 80 percent, or even 95 percent, and the class moves on to the next topic. Let’s use 95 percent as an example, what was the five percent you didn’t know? How will that affect the rest of your education? This is the first crack in the foundation.

Over the course of your education these cracks can become a spider web of “knowledge gaps” that can not only weaken your foundation, but can weaken your confidence in yourself. Through the use of modern technology, teaching methodologies and structured guidance, students can not only go back and fill in the gaps in their learning, but can also move forward by establishing a positive mind-set and to feel confident as they repair these knowledge gaps. 

Students now can be introduced to material as homework outside of contact hours, so they can work on mastering concepts at their own time and pace. This leaves contact hours for creating, evaluating, analyzing and applying our knowledge of that material. 

Wallace English is focused on repairing that structural damage caused by traditional “one size­ fits all” education and actively prevents future damage by using modern teaching methodologies.

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S C I E N C E - B A C K E D   T E A C H I N G   &   R E V I E W

Two effective learning strategies to assist the transference of information from short term memory into long term memory is the combination of 


Active Recall 


Spaced Repetition

These two concepts maximize the ability to access stored information. This contrasts with passive review, in which the learning material is processed passively through low utility study and teaching techniques such as reading, rereading, highlighting and taking notes.

At Wallace English, we can provide high utility learning processes and an advanced management system to improve your  recollection and ability to access newly stored information.

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S K I L L   B U I L D I N G 

Building Vocabulary


One of the most challenging aspects of education is building a broad vocabulary. The goal is not only to be familiar with the words themselves, but to also be able to recall their definitions and to use them in a sentence. Through the Wallace English program, our system will ensure that you master core vocabulary words each year using modern techniques. This step by step structured delivery is built on the principles of active recall and spaced repetition. These words are then used in successive writing projects in order to establish mastery of use.

Developing Writing


When you believe you can succeed, you begin to enjoy writing. You will discover that writing isn’t as difficult as you once thought. Our writing books and English writing lessons teach tricks that you can use to turn paragraphs into magnificent stories, essays, and research reports. These lessons gradually build your skills and confidence as you progress step after step. Before you know it, you have mastered a skill you will use throughout your entire life. Wallace English Standards Based Grammar gives you the confidence that every skill is being taught effectively. 

Establishing Academic Skills


Academic skills can be  extremely hard to develop for children and adults alike. It takes time, practice and experience in order to be able to think critically and to communicate ideas clearly through writing. Wallace English focuses on developing these difficult skills to help overcome the hurdle of academic writing that often leaves students at a loss as to how to improve.

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